How to be 100% Anonymous on the Internet – 2022


How to be 100% Anonymous on the Internet - 2022

In this guide, I will tell you the different stages of staying safe online.

I thought I was anonymous on the internet. You want it! Even regular websites can easily track your location using your IP and your MAC address, which is unique to every device connected to the Internet.

Level 1:

Incognito mode → This may sound like bs, but your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) stores cookies and cache so websites can know which websites you’ve visited before. Incognito mode lets you start a new blank page. Or if you prefer, you can clear all browsing data every time you finish browsing the web.

Tier 2:

Personal search engines → We all love Google, but unfortunately, they save your search data every time you type something. So yes, they know you googled “cute p0rn” 20 times today. The good thing is that some search engines offer completely private searches, like DuckDuckGo.

Tier 3:

Personal browsers → Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox (unencrypted) allow third-party cookies and caches to access the website you are on, and they allow you to access encrypted (unsecured) websites. Private browsers such as Brave or the infamous TOR ensure that third parties cannot access the websites you browse, and they automatically encrypt all insecure websites over HTTPS.


Tier 4:

MAC Address Changer → MAC address identifies your physical device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.), so you can change your MAC address and fool the Internet into thinking you’re surfing with a toaster. , want to download something like TechnetiumMac.

Tier 5:

VPN → Yes, all the hype about NordVPN, HotspotShield, and Windscribe is annoying, but a VPN is essential if you want to stay anonymous on the Internet. They modify your IP address, meaning you’re technically surfing the web from somewhere that’s not your current location – you might live in the US but your IP address shows you’re in France, for example. Be sure to use a VPN with no logs, preferably from Sweden, where there are strict laws protecting anonymity. Mullet is a good example. Always use a paid VPN as free ones keep logs.

Layer 5.5 (Optional):

WPD Windows Privacy → Your Windows OS wants to send reports to Microsoft from time to time, but you can stop this and configure your Windows privacy settings with free software called WPD. Is Best Emirates Safe?

Tier 6:

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) → An RDP is a completely separate virtual computer screen that you can control from your computer. RDP has its own IP and MAC address. You can use RDP (basically a slave) to do all the dirty work by connecting to your primary computer (master). Once you have RDP, you can connect using a default application called Remote Desktop Protocol in Windows. (no info on MacBook).

Tier 7:

VM (Virtual Machine) → A VM is like RDP, but without requiring an internet connection to connect to your secondary monitor. Additionally, using a different IP address than your computer does no good. Most people use Oracle or VMware to install their VM machines. You can see how to do this on YouTube.

How to be 100% Anonymous on the Internet – 2022

Bonus 1:

ProtonMail → Email domains like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo can see your inbox, so they can all be leaked if a legal entity asks for an investigation. Protonmail is a Swedish email domain that is encrypted, meaning that no one but your initiator can access your inbox.

Bonus 2:

Burner number → Use a disposable number like TextNow for SMS authentication and calling.

Bonus 3:

Disposable Storage → Use disposable USB drives or external disks to store dirty items, as they are physically hidden and easily destroyed.

Bonus 4:

Manage your passwords → When it’s convenient, don’t use your personal passwords, usernames, emails, etc. for your dirty stuff, because investigators can relate them. Also, don’t try to save your credentials in your browser, and if you are afraid of forgetting them, write them down somewhere.


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