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Spotify Tips and Tricks for Better Music Streaming

Let’s take a look at some neat tips and tricks that every Spotify user should know to take advantage of the service.

1. Use the playlist folder

If you’re big on playlists, they can quickly become overwhelming once you’ve created and followed a few dozen. It’s easy to reorganize your Spotify playlist collection by creating similar grouped playlist folders.

To do this, right-click anywhere in the Playlists section of the left sidebar and select Create Folder. You can use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + N (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + N (Mac) if you prefer.

Give your folder a name and it’s ready to use. To add a playlist, drag and drop it. Use the arrows that appear to the right of the playlist folders to expand or collapse them as needed. Once folders are open, you can drag and drop playlists into any other folders within them or into the main list.

Click the Playlists folder to display the playlist in Spotify’s main window.

2. Use advanced search parameters

Most of the time, it’s easiest to type a song or artist’s name into the search bar. But when you need something else, Spotify has deep search operators that help you find exactly what you want to find.

Below are some of them:

Search by song: If you don’t know the name of a song, just type at least three words from the lyrics and Spotify will find it.
Exact Search: Enter a query in quotes and Spotify will search for that exact string instead of using all matching words.
Boolean operators: Use AND (or addition) to find a combination of two terms, or to find one of two terms, to exclude (or subtract) some terms. For example, “Jazz and Guitar” or “Pop-Punk Don’t Blink”.

3. Add start time when sharing tracks

You may know that Spotify lets you share tracks using a few different options. But did you know that it is possible to launch a shared track even at a specific time? This is useful if you want to skip a long intro or highlight a specific solo.

In our testing, it only worked using the Spotify URI option, which would open the track directly in the Spotify app when someone clicked on it. To use it, right-click on a track and select Share > Copy Spotify URI.

You will get a URI like this:

Spotify: Track: 4ZiAnGIZFFUybp0NZXIYEG

Add #m: ss at the end to add a timestamp. For example, the following song starts at 1:10 into the track:

Spotify: Track: 4ZiAnGIZFFUybp0NZXIYEG#1:10

4. Drag and drop everywhere

You can click and drag tracks from Spotify or outside the app. Click on a track or album and drag it into a social media post, instant message chat, or easily create a link that anyone using Spotify can click to view the track.

It also works inside Spotify. To add a track or album, click and drag it to the playlist in the left sidebar. As with many applications, you can hold Ctrl (or CMD on a Mac) to select multiple tracks. Additionally, you can select one track and hold Shift while clicking another to select everything in between.

5. Listen to popular tracks from around the world

If you’re looking for something new, why not check out the top rankings from other countries? To find them, click Browse at the top of the left sidebar.

From there, click on the chart above. Here you can choose from the Top 50 and Viral 50 in your country and around the world. Top lists collect tracks with the most plays per day, while viral lists contain songs that have become popular.

Use Top 50 by Country and Viral 50 by Country at the bottom of this page to choose one for a specific region. These playlists are updated every day.

6. Take advantage of Spotify’s alternatives

Spotify’s options menu has some useful tools to help you control the flow of your music. Under Edit > Preferences (or Ctrl + P) on Windows and Spotify > Preferences (or Cmd + Comma) on Mac

It can also be found under itself. Scroll down and select Show advanced settings to reveal all options.

Use the crossfade song slider under playback to group songs together for a better listening experience. You can also turn on the automatic option, which affects certain playlists by skipping intros/outros and rotating the ending for a better flow to the next track.

If you want to know when a track is no longer available on Spotify, turn on Show missing songs in the playlist under display options. It will show unavailable songs in playlists, albums, and other similar songs in grey.

Under music quality, you can normalize the volume to stop your ears from popping before listening to a song.I can play You can also use the option under volume level to adjust the sound to your surroundings.

If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, make sure to set the streaming quality to the highest possible so that your music sounds as good as possible.

7. Using the Master Spotify keyboard shortcut

When navigating Spotify, you can save time by using your keyboard instead of your mouse.

Most of them only work if the Spotify window has active focus. If Spotify is in the background while you’re listening, it’s faster to use your keyboard’s media keys to play/pause or change the volume.

Master Spotify tricks for better listening
Now you know some great tricks for a better Spotify experience. They’re easy to implement and you won’t even know about them!

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